Last updated: Jul 2024

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Where to Buy Bape in Japan (Location and Guide)

Any fashion enthusiast out there can’t ignore the Bape. A Bathing Ape aka Bape is a famous Japanese brand creating constant hype in the global market for all the right reasons. It’s one of a kind first Japanese company to launch such a phenomenal brand.

If you have any plans for a trip to Japan, you can’t miss the Bape shopping haul. Here is a fun fact, you may get your favorite products at a relatively better price from the US! And that makes it the best-ever shopping experience and the perfect souvenir from Japan.

Here’s our guide to saving your time while planning a Bape haul in Japan.

Where to Buy Bape in Japan (Japan Bape Stores Location)

Bape has many authorized retailers and flagship stores in Japan. There are approximately 19 official stores all across Japan. Among them, Kyoto and Tokyo are flagship stores in my point of view.

The other stores across the country might be bigger or more attractive, but they run short on stock frequently. And these two stores have comparatively better stock and restock ratios. So you don’t need to compromise on the design, or size of your favorite product.

You can locate the nearest Bape stores in the respective city by using Bape’s official online store locator. Visit their website or search on Maps ( Google Maps, Apple Maps or Navitime) for real-time directions.

When it comes to e-commerce Zozotown and Rakuten are the most reliable Japanese sites. However, I would still recommend shopping in-store for a trial and you can’t deny the shopping vibe. So the choice is all yours.

Zozotown is a trusted Japanese online store for more than 6000 popular brands, so if you are in a hurry you can order right away in Japan. Another bonus of online shopping will be great deals on many premium Japanese brands including Bapesta.

Rakuten is another eCommerce store for purchasing authentic Bape products in Japan. However, the variety might be limited as compared to Zozotown.

How much are Bape in Japan?

Bape is cheaper in Japan as compared to the US or other European countries. For instance, a shirt with $202 is on sale for 16,500 yen including tax which is about 150 USD. That’s why I never miss a chance in Japan.

How to Buy Bape from Japan Online (Japan Price)

Unfortunately, Bape Japan’s official store doesn’t offer international shipping and not everyone can just go to Japan. Once finding out the price differences between Bape Japanese Market and the International market, I know no one can resist.

There are plenty of websites sourcing Japan's limited Bape collection. Following are a few reliable eCommerce sites I prefer for buying Bape directly from Japan.

• JanBox
• re mambo
• Zenmarket

All the above-mentioned websites follow almost the same protocol for ordering Bape directly from Japan. Follow these basic instructions on any of these websites and enjoy your wishlist at reasonable prices.

You can also buy from trusted Japanese based eBay users such as the following: Pondon, happyjagabee, hamana_derec09, Tokyoape, snooooozer.

• Go to Bape's official website
• Search and select your item
• Sign up and add product details.
• Select the international payment method
• Input all your personal details and check out

Voila! You will receive Bape all the way from Japan with amazing pieces to your doorstep. Which is phenomenal as any of us can even get a limited collection of Bape.

Is Bape Japanese?

Yes, Bape is a Japan-originated brand, which created hype in the global fashion market. Now Bape is demanding streetwear in every corner of the world. Giving tough competition to premium brands like Nike, and Supreme.

Is Bape Made in Japan?

Bape products are fractionally manufactured in Japan, China, or Vietnam. You must be thinking okay then why the tag says “ made in Japan” I was a little surprised too when I got to know 60% of garment processing is done in China. Only caps are partially processed in Vietnam.

This is how Bape garments are made in China, then shifted to Japan for design and printing. Justifying the “Made in Japan” tag. Quality is not compromised at all in any processing stage. All Bape products are Quality assurance and Control from both China and Japan.

A fan of Bape like me always had these queries, and thankfully you don’t need to experiment. I have shared the best of my knowledge in Bape Japan.