Last updated: Nov 2022
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Legit Bape eBay Sellers

Here are my recommended Bape eBay sellers that only sells authentic / real Bape. If you're not planning to buy your Bape from these sellers then I would definitely recommended asking for a "legit check" on forums/reddit or you can contact me, also make sure to check the sellers feedback!

Seller Name eBay Store Name Store Link
#1 pondon pondon Visit store
#2 happyjagabee JapanSelection Visit store
#3 hamana_derec09 hamana_derec09 Visit store
#4 tokyoape tokyoape Visit store
#5 snooooozer snooooozer Visit store

Bape Guide and Articles

Here's the links to all my Bape related guide and articles. I will continue writing articles so keep checking back and hope you find them useful.

Article Title About / Info
Fake or Real Bape? Is your Bape fake or real? This guide will help you.
Bape Style and Characters Your guide to different Bape style and characters.
How to wash/clean Bape Learn how to properly wash and clean your Bape stuff.
Bape and Aape Difference Article explaining the difference between Bape and Aape.
Bape vs Supreme The ultimate Bape vs Supreme comparison.
Nigo Biography Just a brief bio of Nigo (founder of Bape).
Bape History Little history and information about Bape in general.
Bape Collabs Bape collaboration lists with other brands/artists.
Bape Cheaper in Japan/HK? Is Bape any cheaper in Japan or Hong Kong?
Why is Bape Popular? Find out why Bape is so popular and expensive.
Bape Drop and Sales Guide The ultimate guide for Bape release date and sales.

Legit Bape Website Resellers

Here's my list of Bape website resellers online. Once again, if you have any doubt of the legitimacy of your Bape, make sure to ask for feedback before buying!

Website Name Description A Japan based website with amazing Bape collection. Resell website with many Bape choices. They carry and sell mostly Bape shoes (aka Bapesta).